Die absolute Dringlichkeit des Autors für sein Werk.

Ich habe schon viele Romanprojekte untergehen gesehen. Etwa in der Klasse der Leondinger Akademie für Literatur, Jahrgang 2006: Von 10 Romanprojekten, die damals von Gustav Ernst betreut wurden, ist bislang eines veröffentlicht worden.

Charles Bukowski sagt dazu:

Don’t ever write a novel unless it hurts like a hot turd coming out.

John Steinbeck meint dazu:

If there is a magic in story writing, and I am convinced there is, no one has ever been able to reduce it to a recipe that can be passed from one person to another.

The formula seems to lie solely in the aching urge of the writer to convey something he feels important to the reader.

If the writer has that urge, he may sometimes, but by no means always, find the way to do it. You must perceive the excellence that makes a good story good or the errors that makes a bad story. For a bad story is only an ineffective story.