Herr Wollinger, wie schaffen Sie es, sich so gut in eine Frau hineinzudenken?

All den Leserinnen und Lesern von „Die Archäologin“, die mir diese Frage gestellt haben, widme ich folgenden Filmausschnitt:

Receptionist: I can’t resist! You usually move through here so quickly and I just have so many questions I want to ask you. You have no idea what your work means to me.
Melvin Udall: What does it mean to you?
Receptionist: When somebody out there knows what it’s like… to be in here.
Melvin Udall: Oh God, this is like a nightmare.
Receptionist: Oh come on! Just a couple of questions. How hard is that? … How do you write women so well?
Melvin Udall: I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.

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